Our folk art vs nakshikantha

Our folk art vs.  nakshikantha

Nakshikantha is deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. One Nakshikantha is like an autobiography of the life of our rural women. This is like the embodiment of popular art philosophy. Kantha is an impeccable creation of the craftsmen of this country made of very simple materials. Nakshikantha is the real form of incomparable artistic beauty. We are all more or less familiar with kantha. Nakshikantha is one of the manufactured industrial products used for the livelihood of a large population of this country.There is no family in our country where kantha is not used. The lexical meaning of the word kantha is ‘a thick winter garment worn in bed made of worn clothes’. It is also known as kantha, keta, kata and kheta in different parts of the country. Nakshikantha is a kantha that is full of aesthetic beauty and variety of colors with needles and thread in the hands of the brides and grooms of rural Bengal.In Nakshikantha we always find our art, culture, socio-civilization, boundless beauty of nature, glorious songs and ancient traditions. In Nakshikantha, another form of popular thought, passion and imagination of the rural women of this country seems to be embodied through embroidery. Nakshikantha with various designs can be seen in the flowing stream of rural folk culture.And kantha design featured multiple products. It is primarily known as a work of art for rural women. Our socio-economic activities are also closely associated with the Nakshikantha industry.
Nakshikantha is our traditional work of art. The sector has immense potential in terms of production, income growth and creation of new jobs as economic activities. However, in order to further develop this industry, it is necessary to pay special attention to the artisans associated with it. To this end, all concerned government and non-government organizations and voluntary organizations, including BSCIC, should come forward as a supporting force with a more sincere attitude.All possible cooperation for the development of this sector should be expanded. Because Nakshikantha is not just our heritage or the vehicle of tradition. This industry has employment opportunities for many people in the country. In addition to the domestic market, there is a possibility of earning a huge amount of foreign exchange through exports. We have to use this opportunity and potential efficiently.
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